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9 December 2023

Sign-up opens for 2024 artist registration and Summer Art Weeks entry

January 2024

31 January: DEADLINE for entering Summer Art Weeks 2024

February 2024

14 February: DEADLINE to book advertising space and trail maps in the printed brochure

28 February: DEADLINE for advertising and trail map copy

Date tbc: Marketing Workshop for all registered artists that will include information about organising and promoting your event.

March 2024

Early March: 2024 Summer Art Weeks content and completed artists’ profiles go live on website

Venue signage orders - details to follow

April 2024

Summer Art Weeks brochures available for distribution

June/July 2024

22 June – 7 July: Summer Art Weeks


You don’t have to do all these steps in one go, but you do have to have completed your artist registration before you can enter for Summer Art Weeks. Please take your time to enter your details correctly, as we cannot guarantee that any errors will be picked up and corrected.

STEP 1: Complete your artist / organisation registration for 2024

Individual artists registration


Organisation registration
(business, charity, gallery, school etc.)


STEP 2: Enter Summer Art Weeks 2024

Entries have now closed.

Your next steps after completing your entry...

STEP 3. Create your artist profile

This is separate to your Summer Art Weeks entry and is a benefit of your artist registration. On your own individual profile page, you can load 12 images of work, videos, detailed information, and links to your own social media / websites. This can be edited and kept up to date throughout the year. We are currently updating the form for this and it will be available in January.

STEP 4: Complete your listings for workshops and pop-up events

These are both benefits of artist registration and can be updated throughout the year to ensure those visiting our website know about your activities beyond just WOS.
To enter the information, click the My Account link and use the buttons to add a workshop or event.

STEP 5: Read our communications

Throughout the year we send you lots of useful information and details about ways in which you can get increased profile (eg sending us video clips). Please do take the time to read the communications we send out.


To complete a Summer Art Weeks entry, you must agree to our Terms & Conditions before submitting your form.


You must ensure that you have suitable Public Liability insurance in place. Warwickshire Open Studios DOES NOT provide blanket insurance cover for home / private activities as part of our own organisation insurance taken out with SAA. This is because it does not ‘organise and control’ those home / private exhibitions. Both the SAA and A-N provide annual cover as part of their membership.


You must ensure that your venue complies with Health and Safety Legislation. We advise you to carry out a written health and safety risk assessment. This is not as daunting as it may sound – it's a common-sense review of all aspects of your premises, including any demonstrations you may give, identifying any potential hazards.

General Risk Assessment Template