Guy Chapman

Site Number: 17
Leamington Spa
Drawing, Illustration

Albert Einstein said that "imagination is more important than knowledge" and I think he has a point. Imagination is critical to the creative development of children and my art has many different layers to it through intricate detail designed to stimulate, activate and bring to life viewers' imaginations.

Creativity is a different thing for each person; how we perceive art or shapes and colours and form is not the same is a unique perception. Knowing this, I like to offer artwork that encourages an individual's imagination to see something in the picture which differs from the next person. We all naturally create images and pictures when we read, so this is a process I am encouraging through my art. I love to include an awful lot of detail and often add tiny elements or other subtleties I know most people will miss, but they are there for my own amusement and to surprise the discerning viewer who gets drawn into the image whereby more details reveal themselves.


76 Kinross Road
Leamington Spa
CV32 7EN
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Level 1 : Unsuitable for those with various accessibility requirements.

Opening Dates and Times

June-July 2024
10.30am-4.30pm (Thu/Fri 10am-5pm)