Plein Air Event September  - 4 September 2022


Set in the stunning ribbon of parks at the heart of Leamington Spa, this non-selective art event will be open to all local 2D & 3D artists (not only WOS members). Whether well established or just starting out, artists are invited to engage with their surroundings and produce a creative piece in response. A number of our established WOS artists will also provide mentor support to the emerging artists.

Whereas most Plein Air events tend to be restricted to paintings or drawings, we want artists to engage in their surroundings and produce a creative piece in response in any 2D or 3D art form. This could include paints, pastels or pencil, last year we also had wire, felt, print, photography and even mixed media using leaves, twigs, etc found in the parks .

This year we are hoping to host a plenary / ask the expert session, whilst the judging is taking place so the artists can ask specific questions about working plein air and the challenges that includes.

Visitors are then welcome to wander around and see the art in action. This year, in the classroom by the glasshouse, we will be organising creative activities that will allow the general public to also get involved and be artistically inspired by their surroundings.

At the end of the day, the artwork was displayed in a pop-up exhibition in The Glasshouse, and further exhibition opportunities are currently being investigated.

There are three different categories that you can sign up for. If you are an established artist who has exhibited and sold your work then there is a £10 fee to participate. If you are under 25 or an artist that is at the start of your creative then it is FREE to take part as this event is about bring all level of abilities together.

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Please see below the gallery of artworks produced at the 2021 event. If you would like to find out more about the artists, or buy one of the pieces, either click the ‘Contact Artist’ if they are a member of Warwickshire Open Studios and this will take you to their profile page, or email with your enquiries about the artist(s).

Pam Hyams

NFS - Walk in the Park

Lukasz Lepik

Highly Commended

£350.00 (SOLD) - Pop of Colour

Kopal Gupta

£15.00 - Cuppa Thought - what will you embrace, tree or plastic

Barry Chadwick

Highly Commended

£200.00 - Mirror Mirror in the Park

Liah English

NFS - Spirit of the Park

Kay Matthews

£45.00 (SOLD) - East Lodge

Contact artist

Ceridwen Williams

NFS - Fillupa goes to Jephson

Christine Hodges

£180.00 - Bridge over the Leam

Contact artist

Olga Lomax

Highly Commended

£200.00 - Beautiful Day

Sue Southorn

£250.00 - Light on the Leam

Contact artist

Libby Bess

£80.00 Jephson Fairy

Contact artist

Samantha Jones

£50.00 - Flowerbed Abstract

Ellie Larard-Tansley

NFS - Jephson in Blue

Julia Essex

£150.00 - Lake in Jephson Gardens

Contact artist

Louise Simpson

NFS - Nearly in the Lake

Judith Perry

£40.00 (SOLD) - A Postcard from Leamington Spa

Lynsey Cleaver

£200.00 - Underneath the Aviary

Eric Klein Velderman

NFS - Seed

Contact artist

Fiona Payne

£75.00 Sensory Sunshine

Julia Sanders

NFS - A Walk in the Park

Millie Jones

Highly Commended

£20.00 (SOLD) - What I see

Simon Jones

£35.00 - Jephson Gardens

Emma Cleeton

£250.00 - Autumn Park

Amy Petty

Winner - AITP Award

NFS - Sunday

Gillian Shadbolt

£200.00 - Sensory Sunshine

Contact artist

Jane Archer

NFS - Glasshouse sketches

Contact artist

Lucy Burton

Highly Commended

£200.00 - Glasshouse Palms

Steff Hutchinson

£40.00 - Threads

Ingrid Oliver

NFS - Czech memorial fountain

Suminder Treadwell

£75.00 - Bridge view

Nathan Purshouse

FREE - A walk in the Sharpie

Claire Henley

Winner - LSA Award

SOLD - The Aviary

Contact artist

Helen Smith

£20.00 - People in Glass houses shouldn't throw stones

Zoe Petrie

NFS - Challenging perception

Emily Tyler

£40.00 - Paradise Found

Melissa Keskinkilinc

HIghy Commended

£87.00 (SOLD) - Delicate Spikes

Contact artist

Jacob Walden

Highly Commended

£120.00 (SOLD) - Jephson Memorial

Stacey Tomkinson

NFS - Secret Garden

Steve Lister

Highly Commended

SOLD - The Baths

Jacqui Smithson

£55.00 for both - Seasons in the Sun

Contact artist

Alix Almond

£60.00 - Glasshouse

Contact artist

Jill Morris

£70.00 - River under bridge

Isabel Cooper

£105.00 - Jephson Memorial

Hazel Roberts

NFS - View to all Saints

Hannah Quartermain

Winner - Tustains Best in Show

£70.00 (SOLD) - The Bridge

Eleanor Rose

£135.00 - Gathered, found and Made

Janet Tryner

£80.00 - Drifting Through

Evelyn Baxter

£62.00 (SOLD) - End of Summer (Bowl)

Contact artist

Linda Scannell

£120.00 - Memorial

Contact artist

Sarah Green

£95.00 - One Grace

Nikkitha Magesh

£55.00 - Views of Jephson Memorial

Gemma Whitford

£25.00 (SOLD) - The Bug Garden

Contact artist

Carey - Moon

£45.00 - Artist at Work

Contact artist

Catherine Pointon

£30.00 - 22

Jacky Buckingham

£70.00 - Willes Road Bridge

Emily Parker

£30.00 (SOLD) - Impressionistic Tree

Michael O’Reilly

£50.00 - Bridge on the river

Eleanor Hughes

Winner - WDC & WOS Emerging Artist Award

NFS - Tea stain afternoon

Katie Jones

£40.00 - Jephson Memorial

Contact artist

Paula Perry

£90.00 - Through a Nobbly Tree

Contact artist

Angela Webb

£100.00 (SOLD) - Flowerbeds

Contact artist

Hazel Jenkins

£50.00 - YoYu (melting)

Aishwarya Magesh

£125.00 - A vibrant morning in Jephson Gardens

Jo Bond

HIghly Commended

£75.00 (SOLD) - Leamington by Train

Contact artist

Joy Wadsworth

NFS - Climbing Tree

Aman Sahota

£20.00 - Bridge & Bushes

Heather Hall

NFS - Fountains

Natasha Taheem

Highly Commnended

£20 each (ONE SOLD) - People in the Park

Sharon Cresswell

£150.00 (SOLD) - Peace

Heidi Kind

£30.00 (SOLD) - Blue Bridge

Sarah Lowry

Highly Commended

£90.00 (SOLD) - Hot House Flowers

Jane Yates

£40.00 - September Greens

Rachel Meddoms

£90.00 - Recycling the senses

Kathryn Parker

£50.00 - Jephson Memorial Plein Air

Elizabeth Mulrey

£70.00 - Canopy

Paul Miller

£120.00 - Jephson Elephants

David James

£20.00 (SOLD) - Scruffy Bird

Julie Law

£30.00 - Day in the Park

Contact artist

Katy Walden

£190.00 - Jephson Gardens in Bloom

Jo Wilson

NFS - The bee hive

Edward Nash

£200.00 - Jephson Memorial

Contact artist

Diane Shores

SOLD - Sunday Swan Song

Rosemary Frost

£50.00 - Giant Rhubarb

Michael Sheppard

£200.00 - The Sunlight of Jephson Gardens

Janette George

£80 - Reflections

Contact artist

Charlotte Webb

£50.00 - Big Jeph

Nicola Bagga

£30.00 (SOLD) - The Aviary

Maddie Webb30 each / 50 pair Purple Haze / Purple Hazel

£30 each / £50 pair - Purple Haze / Purple Hazel

Contact artist

Marie Calvert

£125.00- Pump Room Gardens in Blue

Contact artist

Helena Godwin

£75 - Ode to a Bower Bird

Roslyn Moorhouse

NFS - Church through sun rise

Jane Holden

NFS (piece unfinished) - Garden Flora

Christine Pratt

NFS - Elephant Wash

Claire Thomas

£60.00 - Moseley Shoals

Gemma Passantino

£30.00 - Boy without elephant

Kate Larkin

NFS - Cheng Hua orange hoster

Sandra Parker

NFS - The Avenue