Pearl lookalike, necklace. This modern form of papiermache is a miracle. The irregular beads are casual, like real seabed pearls. with Eleanor Allitt

Venue, Timing, Cost

2 new Cottages,,Village Street, Offchurch
Sat, 10/09/2021
10.30 - 4pm
Papiermache based necklace made by one of my students

Love putting colours and textures together? This new papiermache is so versatile and rewarding. It will be a fun day in the company of like-minded people, max 4, and you will take home a lovely necklace. My students are always surprised and delighted by what they produce. Bring a small saucepan and sieve and an old eggbox, and any old beads you might like to incorporate into your necklace.

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Eleanor Allitt