Neil Moore

Please note, this listing is from the 2018 Festival.

Site Number: 9
Leamington Spa
Drawing, Painting

In this, his new work, Neil continues to attempt to explore (and perhaps unravel) some more intriguing aspects of the complex tangle of his/our lives. His adoption of a flawless realist painting technique often belies the ambiguity of the imagery. The figurative realism, strong on narrative, can make them appear misleadingly believable. He would argue that they are his attempt to find a visual metaphor for the perplexing events of life (his and our lives). His hope is that they may lead him to a greater understanding. This exploration of his encounters with life is fundamentally intuitive in that the imagery is chosen without intellectual analysis of the content (or its contentiousness). The choices that result in the final work are made purely on a like/dislike basis. This can result in some surprising, even shocking, outcomes, revealing what couldn't (shouldn't?) be 'said' in a social context. How "real" is Neil Moore's "realism" - is he deceptively honest or just plain deceptive?


44 Leam Terrace
Leamington Spa
CV31 1BQ
Situated in central Leamington a short walk from the Parade. Free parking immediately outside.
01926 420833
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Card payments accepted, Family Friendly, Parking
Accessibility Level: 
Level 3 : Partial access - some steps or narrow doorway to parts of the venue.

Opening Dates and Times

June-July 2018
11 - 6pm Saturdays and Sundays. 1 - 6 pm Fridays