Membership details

Warwickshire Open Studios is a not-for-profit organisation run by, and for the benefit of, artists and designer makers either living or working in Warwickshire or Coventry.


Warwickshire Open Studios membership scheme is designed to develop stronger links between artists and designer makers who are based in Warwickshire and Coventry. In addition, by working collectively we can access benefits that are not available to individuals. Finally, we hope that as a member you will see this as an opportunity to support the ongoing work of Warwickshire Open Studios.


Membership entitles an individual to various benefits:

1. Access to apply for participation in the Summer Art Weeks and/or any other events organised under the Warwickshire Open Studios banner.

2. A web presence on the Warwickshire Open Studios website throughout the year, which you can update with new information and images.

3. Discounts on special events and trips that might be organised by Warwickshire Open Studios.

4. Access to occasional networking and developmental events – we are currently investigating the possibility of a social media event for artists.

5. The prestige and kudos of being involved in the largest art event in Warwickshire and one of the largest in the country.


Membership will run for a calendar year, from January to December. You can subscribe at any point in the year, but the subscription will end on 31st December.


The membership fee is £25 per year.