Planning your event

Countdown to your opening.


  • Confirm your venue


  • Pay your membership


  • Complete your online registration for the Summer Open Studios


  • Complete your Artists Gallery page. Upload a picture of yourself at work, a biography and six additional images into your free artist gallery on the website.


  • Work with your neighbouring artists to create local trail maps


  • Collect your promotional material and festival guides from the distribution point.
  • Contact ‘what’s on’ section in newspapers and parish magazines and add your exhibition to events sites on-line including the words Warwickshire Open Studios.
  • Have general invites printed [or business cards with exhibition details on can sometimes be a cheaper option].
  • If you’re planning a private view with different details, have these printed too.


  • Send out private view invites if you are holding one.
  • Start distributing guides in your local shops, place of work etc.
  • Send out general invites or post door to door.
  • Contact your neighbouring artists and swap fliers/be ready to signpost visitors to one another.
  • Check you have public liability insurance if you need it: if not, arrange it!
  • Put out directional posters on all routes into your venue with arrows on clearly directing people to your site.
  • Make sure you are open at your advertised times
  • Collect visitor numbers, their email addresses and have a comment book for visitor feedback – we’d love to hear all this.


  • Packing up: If you’re using a private venue, leave it nice and tidy if you want to use it again next year. And don’t forget to remove any roadside signage etc.
  • Give us your feedback after the Summer Open Studios – both quantitative and qualitative. This information helps us make improvements

August – December

  • Keep using the website – your online artist gallery can be updated through the year, with details of any additional exhibitions.