Lonely HeARTS

Interested in taking part in the Summer Art Weeks but need a venue or want to share with others?

Registration for this year's event has now closed, as have Lonely HeARTS submissions.

It's your responsibility to find and organise a venue for your event before you sign up, but we appreciate that some artists are unable to exhibit from their own home or studio. While many visitors like to see the artists in their own environment, others prefer public venues rather than private homes. Experience also shows that groups of artists often attract greater footfall than those exhibiting on their own, but working as a group can present its own challenges.

Following the success of Lonely HeARTS for the 2018 and 2019 events – which resulted in lots of matches – we are again encouraging artists to come together by offering to share their venue with other artists. Or, if you don't have your own venue, let's see if we can put you in touch with other lonely heARTists! 

Email the following information to admin@warwickshireopenstudios.org and we'll post your details on here to try and match you up.

Name & contact email / tel

Location of your venue or where you would like to be located

Brief description of the venue or the type of art you produce

Website or social media details, so that interested artists can look at your work

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